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A Country Divided Will Not Stand Our country is self-destructing and it gets worse every day.  If we continue to let the media and politicians decide our future, the United States will cease to be the country we know.  Are you ready for the destruction of the United...

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Freedom of speech is one of many

that hundreds of thousands died, were maimed,

and fought to protect

We owe it to the brave men and women that sacrificed everything to protect the freedoms our forefathers gave us. And also to the untold men, women, and children who supported our troops working in factories, staying behind, and often giving up a father, son, or sometimes daughter because they cherished what we have. Without question, we owe it to them to protect those freedoms with every legal means available. Please, speak up and make this humble conservative political blog a tool for good and honor those who went before us to preserve our freedom.

God Bless America

Freedom To Speak
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