Joe Biden And The Religious Left

President Biden and Senator Warnock have put the religious left on full display. Open borders, abortion on demand, free healthcare, and wealth reserved for the chosen few. Joe Biden will tell you he is a devout Catholic. Raphael Warnock is a Baptist pastor but, exactly do they represent? I should note before we go on, the religious left has joined forces with the Democrat Socialists to form a strong if ill-advised coalition. But more on that later.

Abortion On Demand

Of Course, The Religious Left Will Accommodate

You can get movies on demand. Why not abortions? Envision the future with mobile abortion clinics performing the ‘contraceptive’ procedure in your living room. Amniocentesis can determine if the baby has Down’s Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and a host of other conditions. How can you possibly choose which child should live or die with restrictions on abortion?

Fetus at four months

Neither Warnok nor Biden believes there should be any restrictions on abortion. Adolph Hitler would be proud. He also believed in choosing who lives or dies based on his view of desired genetic traits.1

A World Free of God

Imagine a world free of God restricting our basic right to kill babies on demand. It feels good. Ridding the world of those who may not measure up to the standard we impose as deserving life. And what about the elderly? We must decide if their life is worth living as well. What if they become forgetful or demented. A world we once only dreamed of may soon become a reality.

It appears the religious left and all left-leaning politicians believe in one of Hitler’s guiding principles. We will soon be able to choose who deserves life. It is a principle we know him well for. Maybe today, the left would not cancel him. They might join forces with him.

Will Those Straggling Countries Catch Up

The religious left shows concern for the backwardness of those countries that have not accepted the coming paradise. Remember the many Trump executive orders that President Biden reversed with no forethought for the ramifications. One of those included funding abortions for all countries. Of course, he put the US taxpayer on the hook for the funding. And,he did not leave out the US either. He will restore government funding to pay for abortions here too.

Who Are The Countries Without Compassion?

And who are those laggard countries that do not allow unrestricted abortion on demand? Well, there are 198 of them. So, who does not allow abortion on demand? That list is much shorter with only 7 countries, but the USA is in good company. North Korea is aligned with the new US position on abortion, as are China and Vietnam. Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands also made a list.2

Do not give up hope, though. If we funnel enough money for abortion their way, maybe it will change.

And The American Public?

The American public has not caught up to the religious left. But it’s only a matter of time before the backward public gets on the paradise train. Yes, only 29% of the country’s citizens support unrestricted abortion now, but it does not have to be that way.3

As most people understand, the religious left is tolerant of the third world thinking many US citizens have. Unless, of course, that thinking is not in line with their beliefs.

Re-educate Or Send Them Packing

In that case, it is time to send those whose belief differs from the religious left to re-education camps where brainwashing experts will purge their unacceptable thinking. And if that fails, we can always send them to the many countries that accept those persecuted for any reason. There are so many of them. Wait, there are no countries with open borders.4We will discuss open borders later. First to free healthcare.

Free Healthcare

Forget there is no such thing as free healthcare in our new world order. It may not cost in dollars and cents, but it will cost. Every country, including the USA, built a healthcare system with resources, and there has to be a way to allocate them. Fortunately, the religious left can always extend the belief in selective reproduction to deciding who should live or die.

The Virginia Religious Left Get The Ball Rolling

Cannot happen, you say. The state of Virginia took the first steps to make it a reality when they passed a bill that repealed almost all restrictions on abortion and who can do them. No need for a doctor, no need for cleanliness, get it done!5

Don’t Stop Now

The good governor was ready to sign an even more liberal abortion bill that would make it legal to let babies born alive die. He said,

“So in this particular example, if the mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen: The infant would be delivered; the infant would be kept comfortable and would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desire, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother”.6

Paradise Lost

A paradise for the religious left narrowly missed. Maybe next time, we can experience the joy of free healthcare of the religious left in cooperation with the Democratic Socialists.

Open Borders

It’s About Time

What has taken the United States so long to open the borders? Think about it. No passports are needed to come to the USA. Passports will still be necessary to visit other countries that do not understand the need for compassion.

An Invitation To All

Just look at what President Biden did on his first day in office. He gave an open invitation to thousands of people to come in and stay here.7

Here We Come

And come they did. A migrant caravan started on its way to the US, thanks to President Biden’s invitation. The first of many.8

Bring On The Gangs

Committed horrific crimes in your home country. Are you part of a gang? We don’t support small businesses, but we did open the door to human trafficking and drug smuggling organizations. We stopped all deportations, promise a path to citizenship for all illegal immigrants (or should I say, undocumented immigrants). We offer a haven for all.

Do Not Worry – The Religious Left And Company Have You Covered

Feel free to commit crimes against US citizens. We won’t hold you over for trial. No bail, just a free pass to go and do it again. Worried about being deported. We do not deport people. What? You committed murder. We will not convict you. Claim you found the gun on the ground and accidentally shot someone.

What if you used a knife or rock? Clearly, it would help if you had a social worker. We will send an unarmed social worker to assist you and get you the help you need. Be sure you commit those crimes against those privileged white people. They deserve to be beaten, killed, and robbed. Hey, it should be your stuff anyway. Please take it.

Riot On Say The Religious Left And Democratic Socialists

There is a bipartisan condemnation of the rioters breaching the US Capitol. But left-wingers do not fear. The religious left in cooperation with the Democratic Socialists is here.

If you riot or invade state capitols that do not share the left’s opinions, it is considered democracy at work. Just ask Nancy Pelosi. She was quoted saying just that 2 years ago when people went after the Capitol in Madison.9

Yes, you are safe here.



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